Council support for community response to Covid-19

16th March 2020

The Council welcomes the positive community response which is emerging to support those most vulnerable and in need during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through its Community Services team, the Council wishes to assist the community response by collating and communicating information through its communication channels on community response arrangements.

If your organisation is providing support to your community in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, please contact us by emailing, providing a name and contact details and a Council Officer will follow up with you to seek further information, including permission to share contact details publicly.

This is an unprecedented time for our community and in respect of the demands on key public services. The Council urges citizens to be mindful of their own health and wellbeing, to take all necessary precautions to ensure the continued welfare of themselves and others and to follow advice and guidance issued by the Public Health Agency (PHA).

For up to date information and advice on Covid-19 please visit