Council celebrates Adoption of Local Development Plan 2030 – Plan Strategy

24th April 2023

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Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is proud to announce the publication and formal adoption of its Local Development Plan 2030 – Plan Strategy on 16 March 2023, marking a significant milestone in plan making for Local Government.

The Plan Strategy is the first of two development plan documents that will shape the future growth and development of the district until 2030, providing a plan-led framework for decision-making on housing, employment, retail, and infrastructure.

The Council is committed to community engagement, and extensive consultations were conducted to gather input from stakeholders and residents to ensure the Plan Strategy reflects the unique character and needs of the district.

The Council appreciates the valuable contributions received throughout the plan process, which have shaped the policies within the Plan Strategy.

Aligned with the vision of the Fermanagh and Omagh Community Plan 2030, the Plan Strategy aims to create a welcoming, shared, and inclusive district that is healthy, safe, connected, and prosperous, while cherishing and sustainably managing its natural, built, and cultural heritage. It focuses on creating sustainable communities through housing, job creation, enterprise promotion, tourism support, and provision of services and facilities, within a well-planned natural and built environment.

The policies within the Plan Strategy will shape quality places with enhanced connectivity, support the Council’s commitment to achieving a Net Zero District by 2042, and address climate change through sustainable transport, energy-efficient buildings, and sustainable drainage systems.

Speaking about the adoption of the plan, Councillor Barry McElduff, Chair of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, said, “The Local Development Plan is a crucial document that will shape the future of our district. It reflects our commitment to sustainable and inclusive development, and will guide our efforts in creating a prosperous, resilient, and vibrant community for our residents, businesses, and visitors.”

The Council looks forward to commencing the second part of the Local Development Plan, the Local Policies Plan, which will further shape the district to reflect the needs of local communities while ensuring effective stewardship of the built and natural heritage.

The Council remains dedicated to engaging with the community and stakeholders in Fermanagh and Omagh to enable sustainable development, maximize opportunities, and protect the environment for future generations.

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* Please note that Councillor Glenn Campbell is missing from the photo.