Rates 2023/24

Non-domestic District Rate (business rate)

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has agreed a 7.45% in the District Rate for businesses.

The non-domestic (businesses) District Rate is 24.4180p - 7.45% increase.


Domestic District Rate (householder)

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has agreed a 5.59% increase in the District Rate for domestic properties.

The domestic (householders) District Rate is 0.4033p – 5.59% increase.


Rates Impact

The District Rate element of the Rates bill is added to the Regional rate element to give a total Rates bill.

The Regional Rate element of the Rates bill is the responsibility of the Northern Ireland Executive which will be determined at a future date.

Excluding the Regional Rate, the increase in rates bills as a result of the District Rate for 2023/2024 will be £21 per annum or £1.75 per month for a domestic property with a capital value in the district of £100,000, and an additional £169 per annum or £14 per month for a non-domestic property with a NAV of £10,000. This represents almost half of a rates bill.

A rates calculator to determine individual Rates bills for 2023/2024 will be available on the  Department of Finance website.


Overview of the District Rate

The setting of the District Rate will raise £41.21m revenue from Rates income for the Council to support the delivery of Council expenditure and investment plans during 2023/2024.

Rates Graphic 2023 2024

Capital programme

The Capital Plan for 2023/2024 outlines a total proposed capital spend of £10.14m, subject to the receipt of external funding of almost £2m and other financing arrangements.

The key priority projects in the Capital Plan for 2023/24 include:

  • Development works at Waste Facilities (£2.25m) including Drummee Transfer Station (£2m) and Recycling Centre facilities development (£250k)
  • Development costs for the proposed new Lakeland Project at Fermanagh Lakeland Forum (£1.2m) and other Leisure Centre upgrade works (£400k)
  • Ardhowen Development Project costs (£700k)
  • Covid Recovery Small Settlement Programme/Village Regeneration Scheme (£830k)
  • Strategic Capital Projects and Community Capital Grants (£660k)
  • Ongoing delivery of the Council’s Play Strategy to upgrade play areas across the District (£600k)
  • Marble Arch Caves / Lough Navar redevelopment (£500k)
  • A number of smaller funded projects including Omagh Foundary Lane (£230k); Enniskillen Revitalisation Shopfront Scheme (£170k); Ecclesville Forest (£160k) and Erne Bridge and Linkages Proposal (£200k)
  • To further support service delivery, essential investment in new vehicles, equipment and plant (£1m) and Information and Communications Technology Strategy Projects (£380k)
  • A number of minor projects including Energy investment and facility condition upgrades (£800k) 

Total rates

The total rates paid by Fermanagh and Omagh residents and businesses is made up from a combination of the Regional Rate and the District Rate.

The Regional Rate funds central government services such as roads, education, health provision, emergency services, law and order, social services and community development.

Approximately 45% of total rates paid by Fermanagh and Omagh residents and businesses goes to the Council to fund Council services and investment in local infrastructure.  Approximately 55% of the rates goes to Central Government for the delivery of services including roads, education, health, emergency services, law and order and social services.


Further information

For further information about rates, including valuations of properties and rates relief for householders and businesses, please contact Land and Property Services by calling 0300 200 7801 or visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/rates

The Department for Communities – General Estimates of Rates 2023/2024 is available to download from this link.


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