Rates 2021/22

Non-domestic District Rate (business rate)
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has agreed a 1.37% increase in the District Rate for businesses.

The non-domestic District Rate is 22.1225p –  1.37% increase.

Domestic District Rate (householder)
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council has agreed a 1.37% increase in the District Rate for domestic properties.

The domestic District Rate is 0.3718p – 1.37% increase.


Rates Impact
The striking of the District Rate results in a 0.6% increase in the overall rates bill for domestic and non-domestic ratepayers for 2021-2022.

The increase means a domestic ratepayer with a property with an average capital value will pay approximately 11p more per wee​k on their 2021-2022 overall rates bill.

The non-domestic ratepayer with an average net annual value will pay approximately £1.04 more per week on their rates bill over the next financial year.

A rates calculator will be available on the Department of Finance website.


Overview of the District Rate
The setting of the District Rate will raise approximately £36.6m revenue for the Council with an additional £3.6m provided by central government funding and the use of almost £1m of reserves to fund local Council services and investment in infrastructure in 2021-2022 across the district.

In line with Covid-19 restrictions, the Council, like many other organisations, has experienced a significant reduction in its income due to the closure or reduction in capacity of a number of its income generating services while costs to deliver other services increased due to additional demands and the implementation of Covid secure working service arrangements.

The Council is focussed on the recovery of the district and this year’s budget reflects the current circumstances and challenging financial climate we are operating within.

Almost half (£16m) of the Council’s net expenditure is allocated to waste management including recycling services, street cleansing and maintaining clean and tidy open spaces.  The remainder finances the operation of the Council and delivery of services across the district, the ongoing operation of Council venues and facilities and a range of projects and initiatives aimed at improving the wellbeing of Fermanagh and Omagh residents and the district.


Capital programme
The Council proposes a capital investment of £12.9m in local infrastructure, which includes and is subject to receipt of external funding of £6.4m. In line with a capital plan for the next financial year, a number of environmental, urban regeneration and economic development, tourism and leisure projects will be progressed.

The key priority projects in the Capital Plan for 2021/22 include:

  • Full Fibre NI (£3m which is 100% funded) to be administered by the Council;
  • Enniskillen Public Realm Scheme (£1.75m which is part of a £5m project and is 90% funded by Department for Communities (DfC));
  • Enniskillen Workhouse (£1.2m with £1.15m from Heritage Lottery Funding);
  • Marble Arch Caves Redevelopment (£700k, Anticipated funding of 50%);
  • Delivery of the agreed Play Strategy to include upgrade of various play areas across the district.

Other key projects included in the Capital Plan include: –

  • Upgrades to pitches, parks, public conveniences, walkway for countryside access and car park resurfacing (£2m);
  • Recycling Facilities Development (£850k);
  • Riverwalk and Campsie Walk (£650k)
  • Waste Infrastructure Project (MDR Plant) (£500k);
  • Ardhowen – development Project (£350k);
  • Crematorium – development project (£150k);
  • Implementation of the ICT Strategy to upgrade technology on a rolling basis (£250k); and
  • Investment in the Council’s fleet, plant and equipment (£1.5m)
Net revenue budget
The net revenue budget for 2021-22 of £38 million reflects both current circumstances and plans for the year ahead.
Net revenue budget
Waste & Recycling £9.5m
Corporate Services & Management £5.9m
Parks & Open Spaces  £5.5m
Leisure, Recreation & Sport  £4.1m
Statutory functions including Environmental Health. Planning, Building Control & Licensing £3.6m
Arts & Heritage £3.0m
Contracts, Estates & Operations Management £2.1m
Democratic & Customer Services £1.8m
Economic & Tourism Development  £1.3m
Community Services £1.2m
Total £38m

Total rates
The total rates paid by Fermanagh and Omagh residents and businesses is made up from a combination of the Regional Rate and the District Rate.

The Regional Rate funds central government services such as roads, education, health provision, emergency services, law and order, social services and community development.

44% of total rates paid by Fermanagh and Omagh residents and businesses goes to the Council to fund Council services and investment in local infrastructure. 56% of the rates goes to Central Government for the provision of Central Government services.

Further information
For further information about rates, including valuations of properties, please contact Land and Property Services by calling 0300 200 7801 or visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/rates

The Department for Communities – General Estimates of Rates 2021-22 is available to download from this link.