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What information is being collected about you?
1. Name
2. Job Title (if appropriate)
3. Postal address (if given)
4. Telephone number (if given)
5. Email address (if given)

Who is collecting it?
Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is the Data Controller which means that we determine how the information is collected, used, protected and shared (where appropriate).

How is it collected?
The information is collected when you provide a response to the Council’s Public Consultations. This could be via email, a written response, a telephone call or a face-to-face conversation.

Why is it being collected?
The Council recognises the importance of engaging and consulting with our community in order to gather views and ensure that as many needs as possible are identified, considered and taken into account when we are developing our policies.  If our proposals are likely to affect some people in a negative way we can look for ways to reduce or remove the impact.

How will it be used?
Your views and opinions are important to the Council and all input is valued as part of our consultation processes.  Your feedback will be made available as part of the Consultation Report, however if you are responding as an individual – your personal details will not be included. If you are responding on behalf of an organisation, the organisation will be named.

Who will it be shared with?
Personal contact details will not be disclosed to any other third party, unless law or regulation compels such a disclosure. Feedback received (as mentioned above) will be used as part of the Consultation Report.

How long will it be retained for?
Any information provided as a Consultation Response will be retained in line with the Council’s Records Retention and Disposal Schedule.