Civil Partnerships

Changes to the laws in Northern Ireland on marriage and civil partnerships

The UK Government will make regulations that will mean civil marriage between couples of the same-sex, and civil partnerships for opposite-sex couples, will be lawful in Northern Ireland from 13 January 2020.


Registration staff will be delighted to help you with your formalities.

Legal Requirements

Any two people, regardless of where they live, can register a civil partnership in Northern Ireland, provided that:

  • they are both at least 16 years of age on the day of their civil partnership – anyone under 18 will need permission from their parent/s or guardian/s
  • they are not related to one another in a way which would prevent their civil partnership registration
  • they are unmarried or are not already in a civil partnership (any person who has already been married or in a civil partnership must produce documentary evidence that the previous marriage has been ended by death, divorce or annulment, or the previous civil partnership has been dissolved)
  • they are of the same sex
  • they are capable of understanding what  a civil partnership is.

To make sure both parties meet these criteria, you must each complete a civil partnership notice form, and supply the other necessary documents needed, before your ceremony can take place. These should be returned to the Registrar’s office in the district where you plan to form your partnership.

• Civil Partnership Notice Application Form, available from


Ceremonies can be conducted in the Townhall, Enniskillen or in The Grange, Omagh or in one of the approved venues.  Please see gallery for photos.

To view the locations of approved venues for civil ceremonies, please see the map below.

A registrar can officiate at a civil ceremony at an approved venue, at either 12noon or 3pm, subject to availability.  Click here to make a booking enquiry.

If you are planning to have your ceremony outside Northern Ireland, contact the General Register Office.

More Information

The General Register Office, based at Colby House, Stranmillis Court, Belfast, BT9 5RR, provides help and advice about the following issues:

• visiting Northern Ireland to form a civil partnership
• immigrant requirements.
Detailed information about all these topics is available from the NI Direct website:


File Type Size Date
Civil Marriage & Partnership Fees pdf 84 KB 5th December 2018
Approved Venue List Fermanagh & Omagh Civil Marriages pdf 44 KB 26th September 2019