Advice for Food Businesses

Our Environmental Health Service wishes to support food businesses at this difficult time.

If your business is having to change its business model to include new aspects of food production or include a delivery service as a result of Covid – 19, please see below some useful links to assist in ensuring that you continue to meet the high standards of food hygiene expected and to ensure that food is safe for consumption by the public.

Reopening and adapting your food business during COVID-19
Businesses that supply or produce food on the move
Distance selling, mail order and delivery
Safe catering
Guidance for community cooking and food banks
Guidance for businesses on bulk freezing food products originally intended to be supplied and sold as ambient or chilled products 
Guidance for consumers on coronavirus(COVID-19) and food
Allergen guidance for businesses 
Food delivery and takeaway guidance
Safe shopping guidelines 
Guidance for convenience stores/small supermarkets offering delivery
Q&A document for mall manufacturers and retailers 

Tourism NI – Guidance for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars

Here to Help Campaign

New food businesses

New food businesses need to register with the Council.

Further advice
Further advice is available from the Food Standards Agency Website.
COVID-19 guidance for food businesses and Guidance for employers and businesses about COVID-19 is available from the website.

You can also contact the Council’s Environmental Health Service by completing the online form below, enquire here.

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