Purchase a Bin (for new build properties)

Purchase A Bin

To purchase a blue recycling or black landfill bin, please complete the form below.

If you wish to order a replacement bin please do NOT complete the form below. You must contact the Waste and Recycling Department on 0300 303 1777.

  • 240L bins are the standard size of bins used by most householders.
  • 140L bins are only recommended for single occupancy properties.
  • All domestic bins are exempt from VAT.
  • All green landfill bins are now black in colour.

Only one Black (green) bin will be collected per household except in exceptional circumstances.

240L Brown bins or a 23L Brown caddy along with the 5L kitchen caddy will automatically be delivered depending on the geographical area in which you are a resident.

Please note: There is currently no option for residents to collect bins from Gortrush or Killyvilly Depot. Please select the option to include delivery £7.00


Please select the type of bin you require.

New Bins

To arrange to collect from the Council Depots at Killyvilly Depot, Enniskillen or Gortrush Depot, Omagh contact 0300 303 1777 to arrange an appointment.

Terms & Conditions

Only one black/green landfill bin will be serviced per household except in exceptional circumstances.
Only one blue recycling bin will be serviced per household.
My old/damaged bin will be presented for collection when the new bin is collected.