The Fermanagh and Omagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership is running Community Cash in the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area. Through Community Cash, communities can apply for up to £1,000 and are involved in deciding what projects are selected to make a difference in their area.

What is Community Cash?

Community Cash is the name of the Fermanagh and Omagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) Participatory Budgeting (PB) initiative. PB gives people a say in how the PCSP distributes its funding across the district by voting for their preferred projects. This is the second year that the PCSP has run Community Cash and due to COVID-19 has moved online.

What funding is available?

Through Community Cash, the PCSP can support groups up to £1,000 per group.

Who can enter?

• Constituted and non constituted groups are welcome to enter.
• Non constituted groups must have a minimum of three members who are not related to each other and the support of a constituted group to act as sponsor.
• A constituted group can enter and sponsor an entry for a non constituted group.
• Entries are strictly one entry per group.

When and where should projects take place?

The project should be delivered between 1 August 2021 and 28 February 2022 and take place within the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area.

What can we apply for?

Projects must have a focus on Community Safety and reflect one or more of the PCSP themes:

  • Road Safety
  • Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Fear of Crime

This can include (but not limited to) youth intervention activity, befriending service, cycling proficiency, internet safety awareness. Please be mindful of COVID-19 in planning your project as restrictions may impact project delivery e.g. it may not be feasible to host a large community event or you may have to think of a different way of delivering your project.

You can apply for up to £1,000 to pay for things such as tutors, venue hire, equipment (equipment only eligible if it is essential for project delivery), training.

Ineligible expenditure: Salary costs, gift cards or gift vouchers, fireworks, alcohol, CCTV, political or religious activities or anything that would be considered contentious are not eligible. Please contact us if you are not sure.

How do I enter? Round 1

Please submit the jot form for community cash by 12 midnight Sunday 13 June 2021.

Application Form

What happens next? Round 2

• When you submit your entry, we will check how it fits with community safety – we might give you a call for some further information.
• If we receive too many applications, we reserve the right to enhance the shortlisting criteria in line with the community safety theme. Groups will be informed of the shortlisting outcome by end of June 2021.
• We reserve the right not to proceed with Community Cash should there be an insufficient number of entries to make the voting process viable.
• Shortlisted projects will be invited to submit a short two minute video pitch to be uploaded by 12 midnight Tuesday 29 June 2021. The pitch is your opportunity to ‘sell’ and share your project with voters – be as imaginative as you wish.

  • It should give the voter information on the group, what the project entails, how it will benefit the local community and why it deserves a vote. We will provide further guidance on delivering your pitch if required.
  • Participation in the pitch is restricted to volunteers – paid staff members should not be involved.
  • The two minute rule will be strictly observed pitches that are longer than two minutes will be cut off at the two minute mark prior to uploading for voting.

How does the voting work?

• The pitches will be posted on the PCSP Facebook page and only those groups that are in Round 2 are eligible to vote via the online voting form.
• Each group will have a specified number of votes – you can vote for your project but you must use your full allocation of votes.
• The groups that receive the highest number of votes will receive the funding.
• The results will be announced one week after the close of voting.

What happens after the voting?

Successful projects have until 28 February 2022 to deliver the project and are required to attend a community celebration event to be held in March 2022 where they will deliver a two minute presentation on what their project delivered and how it has benefitted their community. Attendance at the celebration event is a condition of the funding. Note: this celebration event is dependent on the COVID-19 situation and alternative arrangements will be put in place if necessary.

How is the funding paid out?

The £1,000 is paid in two instalments of £500 each. The first instalment will be paid out at the beginning of the project on receipt of a signed funding agreement. The second instalment will be paid out on completion of the project and participation in the celebration event.

Any questions?

Please get in touch with any questions to:

Greg Mc Mullan, PCSP Officer
0300 303 1777 ext. 21233

Steven Ormsby, Community Support Officer
0300 303 1777 ext. 21232

Application Form
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