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As well as being entitled to a Rent Book, if your tenancy started after April 2007, you are also entitled to a Tenancy Statement.  The Statement must contain information such as:

  • Address of dwelling
  • Name of tenant
  • Name, address and contact number of landlord
  • Name, address and contact number of agent (if any) and description of services provided on behalf of the landlord
  • Emergency out of office hours contact number for landlord or agent
  • Term of tenancy (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)
  • Tenancy commencement date
  • Duration of tenancy and termination date (if any)
  • Notice of termination which must be given by landlord and tenant (except in the case of a fixed term tenancy)
  • Rent payable, dates and method of payment
  • Rates payable and statement as to whether an amount in respect of rates is included in rent figure, and if not, whether the landlord or tenant is responsible for payment of rates
  • Amount and purpose of any returnable or non-returnable deposit payable and conditions under which it will be repaid (if applicable)
  • Amount and description of any other payment which the tenant is required to make in addition to rent and rates e.g. heating
  • Repairing obligations of both landlord and tenant
  • Details of any other obligations on landlord or tenant forming part of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Inventory of any furniture or furnishings provided

If a landlord does not provide a Tenancy Statement within 28 days of tenancy beginning, a six month tenancy has been created and the landlord must meet the default repairing obligations.  The default repair obligations are detailed in the Private Tenancy (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

Further information is detailed in the Tenancy Terms Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2007

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