Charity Support

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council does not make financial contributions to charities, however the following support is available to charities who meet specific qualifying criteria.

Chair of the Council Chosen Charity. Each year the Chair of the Council will propose a charity whose work will be promoted throughout the Civic Year as appropriate, subject to ratification by Council. To ensure equitable access, no charity can be chosen more often than once every five years.

Grant Aid. Charities are able to apply for Grant Aid under any of the relevant regimes:

– Economic Development
– Sports Advisory Committee
– Sports Development
– Arts Advisory Committee
– Arts and Entertainment
– Tourism Development
– Police and Community Safety Partnership

Photo Opportunities. Charities can request the presence of the Chair or Vice Chair of the Council, subject to their approval, at any event to publicise their achievements or raise awareness of their campaign, or alternatively may be accommodated at a photo opportunity within a Council Facility. The Chair of the most relevant Committee may be nominated to attend on their behalf.

External Lighting Policy. Charities can apply to have Council buildings illuminated to mark specific days of significance to their charity which are associated with a particular colour or colours.

Use of Council Facilities. Charities will be allowed to use Council facilities, subject to the proper insurances being in place and the normal conditions of hire being met, including the payment of room hire charges. If a charity is holding an awareness raising event with which the Council wishes to be associated and which helps with the delivery of the Council’s aims and objectives, the payment of room hire charges may be waived, subject to Council approval.

Please note, applications for the use of Council facilities or the illuminating of Enniskillen Castle and Strule Arts Centre in a particular colour, should be submitted to the Council at least 6 weeks before the date requested, to allow sufficient time for the application to be considered.

Applications for support will be measured against specific criteria, in order to ensure consistent and fair consideration. Depending on the nature of the application, additional information may be sought from applicants.

To qualify for support, a Charity must be:

  • A charity with a registered charity number, compliant with Charities legislation.
  • A charity that impacts more than one person.
  • A charity whose outcomes/outputs are in accordance with the Council’s agreed values and objectives and do not conflict with Council policies.

For further information or enquiries regarding Council support to charities, please contact Leza Cleary, Community Services, Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, on 0300 303 1777 or email


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Charity Support


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