Electrical Vehicles

The Northern Ireland ecar Project

Electric vehicles are revolutionising the way people think about cars. With no tail-pipe CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions, the electric car is a step towards a more sustainable future. Pure electric vehicles use no petrol and no diesel. With fuel costs being a cause of concern to many, the switch to electric vehicles is becoming more appealing.

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council introduced a ‘green fleet’ of electric vehicles to enhance the fleet of corporate vans currently used. As a result of this the Council was awarded the ‘Green Fleet of the Year 2016’ award at the annual Sustainable Ireland Awards in 2016.

ecarni is part of the UK-wide scheme called Plugged in Places (PIP) which provides government funding to regions that want to bring charging points to their area.

For more information and to view the charge point map visit: www.ecarni.com