Commercial Waste Collection – Residual and Recycling

The Council collects waste from commercial premises with agreement and at a cost.  The service operates on a fortnightly rotational basis with Black/Green bin one week and Blue and Brown bin (if applicable) on the alternate week. The charges relating to the collection and disposal of commercial waste per bin is as follows:-

 These figures relate to charges from 2020/2021

  Residual Black/Green Blue Bin Brown bin
140L Bin £3.45 £0.95  
240L Bin £6.45 £1.75 £3.40
360L Bin £9.30 £2.45  
660L Bin £17.35 £4.60  
1100L Bin £28.85 £7.65  


For further information on the service please contact the Council on 0300 303 1777.

Wheelie Bins are available to purchase and collect from the Council’s Depots at Killyvilly, 152 Tempo Road, Enniskillen and Gortrush, Unit 2, Gortrush Industrial Estate, Great Northern Road, Omagh at the costs listed below. Arrangements can be made to deliver the bins at an additional cost of £7.00 (incl Vat.)

Surplus bins can be redesignated for future use, stickers are available by contacting the Waste Department on 0300 303 1777.


Purchase /Replacement price of bins including VAT

  New Replacement
140L Bin £20.40 £14.40
240L Bin £24.00 £18.00
360L Bin £67.20 £45.60
660L Bin £257.00 £225.00
1100L Bin £306.00 £275.00


How to pay for the purchase of bins

  • Apply to pay online for your Wheelie bin
  • By telephone (0300 303 1777) – Credit or Debit Card accepted.
  • By post – make cheque payable to Fermanagh and Omagh District Council and forward to the Department of Environment and Place ,Killyvilly Depot, Tempo Rd Enniskillen BT74 4GD or The Grange,Mountjoy Rd ,Omagh BT79 7BL.
  • In person to Townhall Enniskillen, The Grange, Omagh, Killyvilly  Depot or Gortrush Depot – Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card accepted .


Commercial waste is waste from premises used wholly or mainly for the purpose of a trade or business or for the purposes of sport, recreation or entertainment.  It can be recycled or disposed of at either Drummee Waste Management Facility or Gortrush Civic Amenity Site, Gortrush Industrial Estate.  Recycling waste (except for green and wood waste) can be disposed of free of charge. Green/wood waste and residual waste is charged for per weight.