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Registering a stillbirth

Registering the stillbirth of a child is no doubt the farthest thing from a grieving parent’s mind. There are family members who can help and while you must register a stillbirth by law, you do have one year from the date of the stillbirth to complete the registration.

Registration is free and can be done in any District Registration Office within Northern Ireland. You will receive a still birth certificate at the time of registration.

How to register
To register a stillbirth you will need to provide a certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner or midwife that was present at the stillbirth.

You will also need to provide the following information:

• full name and sex of the stillborn child
• date and place of death
• full names and dates of births of the parents
• full addresses and occupations of the parents.

Please note that a registration cannot be easily changed once completed.

Who can register a stillbirth?

The mother or father of the stillborn child can register the stillbirth. If the parents are not married to each other, the name of the father may only be recorded if the father attends and signs the registration or if a declaration of paternity is produced.

The following people may also register the stillbirth:

• grandmother, grandfather, uncle or aunt of the stillborn child, only maternal relatives can register for when parents are not married
• occupier of the premises where the stillbirth took place
• any person present at the stillbirth
any person present at the stillbirth

Advice and support
The NI Direct website has details of organisations which can provide support after a bereavement.