Recreational Rowing Project – Expression of Interest

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council (FODC) invites Expressions of Interests (EOI) from community, voluntary and sporting organisations / groups, who would be interested in developing and delivering a community recreational rowing project. Please note, Schools or Education Authority facilities cannot be considered.


What is being proposed?

FODC is seeking external funding to deliver this project and is now seeking EOI’s from community, voluntary and sporting organisations / groups, who would be interested in providing recreational rowing opportunities in their community.


In order to successfully deliver this project, it is proposed that FODC will provide successfully appointed groups / organisations with a boat making kit and materials, equipment (i.e. life jackets etc.), basic tools and a trailer. Groups / organisations will be required to build their own boat.


FODC will help support groups / organisations in the boat building process, however it would be advisable that any group / organisation considering an application in order to take this project forward, should have people in their community who have some basic skills and tools to help with this build. In other areas where the skiff project has been delivered, Men’s Sheds have been involved in these boat builds and have assisted in ongoing maintenance.


The type of boat FODC is looking at is called a “St Ayles Skiff”. Please see photos of proposed boats below and links to information about “Skiff Boats”.

Boat Build EOI March 2022 3


These boats are being provided primarily to assist people to get out onto the water and enjoy nature in a low impact and sustainable way. However, if through time, any groups or individuals wish to go further and compete in races or larger events then there are “Skiff” races organised throughout the home nations.

Where are we with this project and what will happen next?

Through this EOI, FODC is seeking to assess is there a need in the community or desire to deliver this project. If there is an identified need, FODC will use these EOIs to support an external funding application. If FODC is over – subscribed with EOI requests it may be necessary to follow – up with a scored application process to help identify groups / organisations that the Council will take forward.


If all goes according to plan, FODC hope by September 2022 to be in a position to provide the boat building kits to the successfully appointed groups / organisations with a view to these groups / organisations building their boats and availing of training over 6 months between Sept 2022 – Feb 2023.


It is planned that the boats will be built and on the water in March 2023 and be involved in a local recreational rowing event in the FODC district April 2023. Please note, as these boats will come with a trailer they can be transported and easily launched on the water, therefore this project is a possibly for any group either in urban or rural areas.


Groups that are successful will receive the following:

  • Boat building kit, equipment and a trailer.
  • Support to assist with boat building.
  • Support to attain various courses including first aid, safeguarding etc.
  • Training to launch a boat and use a boat on the water.
  • Support to help with Risk Assessments and use of the boat with links to National Governing Bodies (NGBs).


Groups that are successful will need to:

  • Be a constituted community / voluntary / club or group.
  • Have the necessary garage, shed or out building to build and then store the boat. The Skiff is 22 feet (6.7m) in length and approx. 6 feet (2m) wide therefore you will need a building to accommodate the boat on the trailer so it will need to be approx. 27 feet (8.5m) length and 10 feet (3m) wide.
  • Provide the necessary insurances for the boat, whilst in use, in storage, as well as being transported on the trailer.
  • Be responsible for the boat build as well as ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the boat. The boat build is to be completed before 28 Feb 2023.
  • Undertake the necessary training that the group will need to complete before going out on the water, this training is to be completed between Sept 2022 – Feb 2023.
  • Provide monitoring information and reports to the Council as and when required.
  • Agree and sign up to a Service Level Agreement with the Council to protect the Councils and potential funder’s investment in this project.
  • Ensure that within the group there will be people who can tow the boat via the trailer (ie licence to permit them to tow a trailer).
  • Some group representatives to attend an away fact finding day (possibly Strangford Lough).

Application Process and Closing Date / Time

In order to submit an Expression of Interest to get involved in the Recreational Rowing Project, please download and complete an application form via the download section below (EOI application form is available as a Word Document / PDF). Please note, when assessing EOI applications, FODC may need to take into consideration geographical spread across the district area.


Submission Closing Date & Time: Wednesday 16 March 2022 @ 12noon


Submission Process: Completed submissions should be emailed to and or returned via post to;


F.A.O. Keith Collen & Ryan Hanna

Recreational Rowing Project – Expression of Interest

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council

15 East Bridge Street


Co. Fermanagh



Further Information

For further details regarding the Recreational Rowing Project, please contact or

079 7953 0765

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