Fermanagh Classic Fishing Festival 2022


The 45th event began on Monday 9 May and will run until Friday 13 May 2022. Fishing will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will close with an evening gala and prize ceremony at the Enniskillen Hotel at 9pm.

This year 170 anglers registered to compete for a top prize of £5,000 as well as daily prizes and the event organisers were delighted to see many familiar faces to the shores of Lough Erne.

Day One
Anglers were keen to arrive at the Lakeland Forum for the first draw to take place with many speculations which section
will have the highest catch. James O’Doherty, reigning champion was first to draw on the morning.

Fishing began at 1pm and despite the weather some excellent catches were made. The top catches on the day were;

1st – Graham Jones (Lough Macnean) 36.230kg
2nd – Jan Willi Kupperschmidt (Lough Macnean) 33.205kg
3rd – Graham Jolley (Lough Macnean) 27.650kg
4th – Stephen Horn (Lough Macnean) 19.150kg

Day Two
Anglers returned for Day 2 with continued excitement and eager to begin to the daily draw. The hotspots were named and
the friendly competitin began to show. The weather was much more pleasant and some excellent catches were made.

The top catches on the day were;

1st – Paul Eyres (Boa Island Upper) 27.630kg
2nd – James O’Doherty (Rossahilly) 23.480kg
3rd – Mick Smith (Rossahilly) 20.300kg
4th – Richard Hoskins (Lough Macnean) 17.350kg

Day Three

The third and final day of fishing began with an earlier draw for pegs at the Lakeland Forum. An exicting day angling
took place in a bid for the overall winner title. A more favourable day brought much more pleasant weather conditions.

The top catches on the day were;

1st – Philip Bendall (Rossahilly) 26.550kg
2nd – Jordan Hall (Boa Island Upper) 23.200kg
3rd – Jurgen Beil (Rossahilly) 17.780kg
4th – Lee Harries (Lough Macnean) 17.200kg

Overall Winners

1st – Graham Jones (38.430kg)
2nd – Graham Jolley (36.650kg)
3rd – Jan Willi Kupperschmidt (34.505kg)
4th – Mark Godfrey (31.125kg)
5th – Philip Bendall (30.720kg)

Full Results can be downloaded below.

File Type Size Date
Terms & Conditions 2022 pdf 157 KB 26th April 2022
Day 1 Individaul Results pdf 163 KB 10th May 2022
Day 2 Individaul Results pdf 163 KB 12th May 2022
Day 3 Individaul Results pdf 162 KB 18th May 2022
Overall Individual Results pdf 164 KB 18th May 2022