Devenish Paths – Wide Awake Way

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The Wide Awake Way is a 5km/ 3.5km looped tarmac route located within Enniskillen.

This walk for a large part follows a scenic route along the water’s edge and covers ground that holds much interest in terms of our heritage and history. 18 historic points of interest are marked along the way; with some of this history having left very clear footprints still visible on or above ground (or indeed water), other significant areas along the path are not so clear to see but are remembered.

You can also try spotting a range of wildlife including kingfishers, swans, water hen, mallard ducks, swifts and bats.

Pop-up maps are available from Enniskillen Castle Museums

File Type Size Date
The Wide Awake Way Map pdf 4 MB 9th November 2023