Recycling Centres


We have state of the art recycling facilities at Drummee outside Enniskillen and Gortrush on the edge of Omagh. In addition there are Recycling Centres across the district.

To view the recycling centres location with information on what you can reuse and recycle please click here

To view a list of normal opening hours for each recycling centre, please click here

Alternatively keep up to date by downloading the Bin-Ovation app, a new App that is revolutionising recycling for households and local Councils across Northern Ireland.

Free to download, Bin-ovation gives you absolute clarity on how to treat hundreds of household waste items and gives instant access to waste and recycling information.

Available on smart phones and tablets the bin-ovation app provides:

  • Clarity on over 300 household items including which bin the item should be placed in or if you can take it to your local recycling centre
  • Calendar and a set reminder of which day your bin is collected to ensure you present the right bin at the kerbside for collection
  • Opening hours and GPS directions to your local recycling centres
  • News on your current and new collections including up to date information on daily changes to services
  • Information on your recycling services and tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle

To download the app go to the App store or Google Play and type “Bin-ovation” on your android or smart phone and follow the download instructions.

NOTE: for IPad users select IPhone only when searching.