Home Safety – Tips for over 65’s

Those over 65 years of age are most at risk, suffering both the highest mortality rate and the most severe injuries.

Fire Safety

  • Fit an adequate number of smoke alarms and test weekly
  • Have a fire escape plan and practice it
  • At night time ensure all sockets are switched off and appliances unplugged
  • Keep all doors to all rooms closed at night
  • Have a fire guard secured to the wall and use a spark guard
  • Never smoke in bed, in the armchair or when sleepy

Falls account for 71% of all fatal accidents to those 65 and over.

  • Avoid leaving items on the stairs – they can become a tripping hazard
  • Ensure stairs are carefully maintained – damaged or worn carpet should be repaired or removed
  • Try to avoid repetitive carpet patterns that may produce a false perception for those with poor eyesight
  • Turn the light on when getting up at night
  • Ensure that nightwear and bedspreads are non-trailing
  • Always wear secure footwear
  • Some oil based personal cleaning products can make the surface of the bath/shower slippery.  Try to avoid using oil based products


  • Have fuel burning devices checked regularly by an expert
  • Have chimneys and flues swept at least once a year
  • Fit a carbon monoxide alarm (if appropriate)
  • Be aware of the dangers of exceeding prescribed drug doses

Burns and Scalds Prevention

  • Try not to carry hot liquids further than necessary.  Re-arrange tea/coffee making area to accommodate this
  • When running a bath, turn the cold water on first
  • Always use rear hot plates and turn the pan handles away from the front of the cooker
  • Ensure that hot water bottles are of good quality and do not show signs of wear
  • Use a bath/shower mat where appropriate