Planning Applications – 29 June 2020

29th June 2020

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2020/0507/O Grosvenor Barracks Coleshill Road Enniskillen Site to be developed for residential use (Renewal of Planning Approval L/2011/0079/O)
LA10/2020/0519/F 94 Rabbitburrow Road Lisbellaw BT94 5FL 1.5 Storey Front and single storey extension to dwelling
LA10/2020/0518/F 35M SW of 15 Aghnacarra Road Aghnacarra Carrybridge Variation of conditions 4 and 7 on planning approval L/2008/0402/F - (12 no dwellings) 04 amended to provision of phased landscaping and 07 to no dwelling to be occupied until connected to public sewerage system
LA10/2020/0526/RM 59 Carrickyheenan Road Broughderg Brookeborough Replacement dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2020/0527/F 53 Feglish Road Garvaghy Irvinestown Replacement dwelling with detached domestic garage and carport
LA10/2020/0520/F 25 Duross Road Duross Irvinestown BT94 1NE Retention of existing private jetty (Retrospective Application)
LA10/2020/0523/F 51 Doon Road Derrylin Extension to dwelling and store to provide car port
LA10/2020/0524/F 41 Sligo Line Cornahawla Letterbreen Erection of a single storey dwelling and attached domestic garage (Amended design to that approved under L/2011/0017/F)
LA10/2020/0503/F Approx. 75m North/West of 45 Camcosy Road Omagh Proposed extension to existing yard to provide hardstand storage for Diggermats, and to include perimeter security fencing
LA10/2020/0504/F 33 Glenpark Road Omagh Proposed single storey extension to dwelling, along with alterations to roof, provision of new porch and provision of domestic garage
LA10/2020/0508/F 29a Main Street Carrickmore Two storey extension to rear of dwelling
LA10/2020/0512/F 791m NE of 128 Crockanboy Road Casorna Townland Rousky Omagh Proposed retention of operational Vestas V52 wind turbine (60m hub height; 52m blade diameter, 86m blade tip height), existing new access track and hardstand area, electrical kiosk and storage kiosk (as constructed), with re-location off the Green Road as
LA10/2020/0521/O Immediately East of 17 Meenadoo Road Gortin Proposed 2 storey infill dwelling and detached garage
LA10/2020/0522/O 60m East of 17 Meenadoo Road Gortin Proposed 2 storey infill dwelling and detached garage
LA10/2020/0525/F Road verge and lands 60m South West of 64 Edenderry Road Omagh and extending approx 225m South West along Edenderry Road Omagh Proposed road realignment and widening
LA10/2020/0509/F Approx. 100m West of 161a Tummery Road Dromore Co Tyrone Replacement dwelling and garage
LA10/2020/0511/F 110m West of 61a Tattysallagh Road Omagh Proposed agricultural shed for storing machinery, plant equipment and hay
LA10/2020/0515/F Lands adjacent to and NW of 220 Newtownsaville Road and opposite 217 217a and 219 Newtownsaville Road Newtownsaville Omagh Proposed development of 4 no. detached dwellings, garages and associated works