Planning Applications – 26th October 2020

26th October 2020

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2020/1009/F 25m S of 4 Enniskillen Road Mullybritt Lisbellaw 2 no semi-detached dwellings
LA10/2020/1012/O 211 Moorlough Road Mullyned and Lettergreen Newtownbutler Replacement Dwelling
LA10/2020/1015/F Carrybridge Public Jetty Inishmore Road Lisbellaw Replacement of existing finger jetty boat moorings with 6no new realigned finger jetties
LA10/2020/1010/RM 80m NW of 160 Glen Road Tempo 2 storey farm dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2020/1011/O Immediately SW of bungalow at 121 Glen Road Tempo Single storey dwelling
LA10/2020/1013/F 28 Camgart Road Clabby Tempo Single storey side and rear extension to dwelling including car port
LA10/2020/1014/F 220m North East of No. 9 Glen Road Killyculla Tempo Replacement of existing turbine approved under L/2012/0687/F with a vesta v52 250KW turbine comprising of a 59m height and blade span of 26m (overall tip height of 85m overall blade diameter 52m)
LA10/2020/1017/F 400m SE of 38 Kinawley Rood Tiroogan Kinawley Agricultural building for sheep
LA10/2020/1018/O Approx. 120m South West of 159 Blunnick Road Curragh Florencecourt 2 storey replacement dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2020/0995/O 106 Gortin Road Omagh Proposed replacement dwelling and detached domestic garage, whilst retaining existing dwelling as a domestic store
LA10/2020/1001/O Approx. 55m SW of 351 Crockanboy Road Mountfield Omagh Replacement dwelling
LA10/2020/1005/F Land 40m directly south of Knockmoyle Nursing Home 29 Knockmoyle Road Omagh 2 detached dwellings and 2 single garages
LA10/2020/1006/F 180 Donaghanie Road Beragh Single storey rear extension to dwelling for purposes of garage and living accommodation with attic space over garage
LA10/2020/1007/F 5 Glenpark Road Gortnagarn Omagh Proposed change of use from vacant school building and 2 no. mobile classrooms to 7 no. units of tourist accommodation plus 4 no. glamping pods and associated amenity and parking facilities
LA10/2020/1008/F Land North and East of 115 Lenagh Road Rousky Farm diversification to fun farm including reception, tearooms and petting building and associated site works
LA10/2020/0993/F 9 Lisanelly Avenue Lisnamallard Omagh Proposed dwelling and domestic garage
LA10/2020/0994/F Old General Hospital Woodside Avenue Omagh Proposed canopy over external play area
LA10/2020/1002/F 17 St Mary's Road Killyclogher Omagh Proposed single storey rear extension and alterations to dwelling
LA10/2020/1003/F 14 St Julian's Brae Omagh Rear two storey extension to dwelling to allow kitchen/dining room on ground floor and master bedroom, en-suite and wardrobe on first floor
LA10/2020/1004/F 21 Gortrush Industrial Estate Omagh Proposed new modular office building to serve existing on site business and partial demolition of existing office building
LA10/2020/0996/O Site approx. 100m SE of 10 Mullanatoomog Road Drumquin Proposed two storey dwelling and detached domestic garage
LA10/2020/0997/O 5 Springhill Road Omagh Proposed replacement dwelling and domestic double garage, whilst retaining the existing dwelling as a store
LA10/2020/0998/O Site approx. 90m NW of 20 Cornavarrow Road Drumquin Proposed two storey dwelling and detached domestic garage
LA10/2020/0999/F 81 Cornavarrow Road Drumquin 2 storey dwelling and detached domestic garage - change of house type from that previously approved under K/2007/0175/RM
LA10/2020/1000/O Approx. 15m South of 11 Lakemount Road Aghlisk Dromore Proposed site for dwelling