Planning Applications – 14th June 2021

14th June 2021

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2021/0674/F Former TP Topping car dealership 18 Dublin Road Enniskillen Demolition of existing garage and erection of a freestanding McDonald's Restaurant with drive-thru, car parking, landscaping and associated works including 2No customer order displays.
LA10/2021/0689/O Adjacent to and S of 109 Mossfield Road Drummackilowney Ballinamallard Dwelling and detached domestic garage on a farm
LA10/2021/0665/F 30 Altaveedan Road Tireeghan Brookeborough BT750NB Proposed single storey rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2021/0668/F 40 Bunnahesco Road Drumhararriff Lisbellaw Amended house design to that approved under application L/2006/1936/RM
LA10/2021/0672/F Adjacent to and east of No.40 Derrykerrib Road Newtownbutler BT928GB Proposed dwelling and garage on farm
LA10/2021/0673/RM 30m N of 37 Carrickyheenan Road Aughnacloy North Brookeborough Dwelling and detached domestic garage
LA10/2021/0683/F 108 Main street Lisnaskea Change of use from 2.5 stroey office building to ground floor hot food takeaway and 1No apartment on 1st and 2nd floors including external staircase and 1st floor access door to rear
LA10/2021/0688/F 26 Tattykeeran Road Lisnabane Tempo BT94 3NE Proposed single storey side extension to dwelling and first floor balcony to garage
LA10/2021/0690/F 100m North West of 62 Aghalurcher Road Lisnaskea BT92 0BH 2 Storey farm dwelling with detached domestic dwellings
LA10/2021/0682/LBC Necarne Castle Irvinstown BT94 1GG The work involves repairs/ stabilisation to the four spine walls, stabilisation to the base of the two large chimneys and general window and door heads stabilisation due to rotting of timber head support
LA10/2021/0684/F 130m SSE of 95 Lack Road Drumharvey Irvinestown Single storey farm dwelling
LA10/2021/0656/F 27 Manger Road Laughill Belleek BT93 3DH Two Storey Extension and Renovation to Dwelling
LA10/2020/0836/F Lands S and W of 63 Rosscah View Rosscolban Kesh Re-advertisement - Residential development, 4 detached dwellings and 8 semi - detached dwellings- amended scheme to that approved under LA10/2018/1415/F revised applicant details (Amended applicant details and amended description)
LA10/2020/0640/O Approx. 120m North of 43 Farmhill Road Omagh Re-advertisement - Proposed site for housing (Amended site outline showing control of land for footpath provision and revised certificate of ownership)
LA10/2020/0931/O Lands 20m North East of NO 1 Sheskinshule View Greencastle Co Tyrone Re-advertisement - Proposed site for 2 no dwellings (Amended Description)
LA10/2021/0360/O Lands 200m west of 50 Church Road Beragh accessing off Urbalshinny Road Beragh Re-advertisement - Farm dwelling with detached garage (More precise address received 22/4/2021)
LA10/2020/0650/F Lands adjacent to and immediately west of 1 Loughview Gardens Circular Road Omagh Re-advertisement - Proposed Housing development consisting of 30 units, consisting of 22 no. two storey semi detached, 4 no. two storey detached, 4 no. duplexs comprising 2 no. two storey blocks, 3 no. domestic garages, with associated landscaping
LA10/2020/1169/F 2 Camowen Terrace Omagh Re-advertisement - Retention of storage unit building for existing Bed and Breakfast (Revised site address)
LA10/2021/0661/F Approx. 45m SE of 37 Gortrush Industrial Estate Gortrush Omagh Proposed erection of a new shed for the storage of equipment
LA10/2021/0685/F Approx 354m North North West of 136 Termon Road Carrickmore Proposed erection of 1 no. 250kw wind turbine Bonus M2 on 31m monopole to serve dwelling, existing business with surplus spillage to the grid. (Renewal of planning approval K/2014/0207/F)
LA10/2021/0666/F 3 Farmhill Close Omagh Alterations and 2 no. single storey extensions to dwelling
LA10/2021/0669/O Approx 40m north and north east of 8 Arleston Road Omagh Site for housing
LA10/2021/0675/F 6 Gortmore Drive Omagh Single storey side kitchen extension to dwelling
LA10/2021/0680/F 37 Knock Lochan Killyclogher Omagh Single storey rear extension to dwelling
LA10/2021/0650/F Lands 478m NE of 53 Doocrock Road Lettergash Dromore A Section 54 application to amend condition 3 (Noise conditions) of planning approval LA10/2020/0479/F (Wind turbine)
LA10/2021/0651/F Lands 422m NE of 53 Doocrock Road Lettergash Dromore A Section 54 application to amend condition 3 (Noise conditions) of planning approval LA10/2020/0480/F (Wind turbine)
LA10/2021/0652/F 65 Main Street Trillick Proposed minor alterations to front of existing building
LA10/2021/0653/O Approx. 60m North of 25 Killadroy Road Beragh (Replacement of 29 Killadroy Road Beragh) Proposed off site replacement dwelling (6.5m ridge height) and detached domestic garage
LA10/2021/0654/O Lands between 45 and 41 Bridge Road Drumskinney Dromore 2 no. Infill dwellings with domestic garages and associated site works
LA10/2021/0663/F Approx. 120m SW of 97 Longhill Road Tullywee Dromore Site for 6 no. glamping units, amenity space and associated works
LA10/2021/0664/O Approx. 30m SE of 35 Owenreagh Road Dromore Proposed site for infill dwelling and garage
LA10/2021/0667/F Site approx. 225m East of 82 Gillygooley Road Omagh Proposed dwelling and garage
LA10/2021/0670/O Lands between 82 and 86 Derrybard Road Seskinore Single storey dwelling (PPS21 - CTY8)
LA10/2021/0686/F 70 Rosnareen Road Trillick Domestic shed
LA10/2021/0687/F 4 Dooish Road Dromore Co Tyrone Proposed housing development consisting of 2 no. detached two storey dwellings, and 2 no. pair of semi-detached two storey dwellings, accessing individually onto the Dooish Road, Dromore