Planning Applications – 08th November 2021

8th November 2021

Number Location Proposal
LA10/2021/1291/F 54 Ardlougher Road Tullylammy Irvinestown 1.5 Storey dwelling - amended design and siting to previous approval L/2011/0031/F
LA10/2021/1301/F 6 Circular Road Mullybritt Lisbellaw Single storey side extension to dwelling
LA10/2021/1304/F 98 Gola Road Lisbellaw Retention of rear access lane and extension of dwelling curtilage including proposed erection of detached 2 storey domestic garage
LA10/2021/1312/RM 240m NE of 132 Drumshancorick Road Crocknagross Rosslea Dwelling and garage on a farm
LA10/2021/1290/F Immediately S of 29 Castle Manor Kesh 1.75 storey dwelling with detached domestic garage
LA10/2021/1309/O Approx 30m East of 78 Slievebane Road Aghagaffert Irvinestown Infill site for dwelling and garage
LA10/2021/0359/F 72 Carrowkeel Road Killee Lisbellaw Re-advertisement - Out building to existing dwelling including extension of curtilage (Amended description - extension to curtilage)
LA10/2021/1307/F 8 Corragole Road Derrylin Extension and alterations to existing dwelling and new garage/store
LA10/2021/1293/F Approx 50m North of 430 Crockanboy Road Creggan Carrickmore Dwelling and garage
LA10/2021/1298/O Adjacent to and South of 4 Strathroy Park Strathroy Omagh Renewal of LA10/2018/0547/O (Housing development)
LA10/2021/1314/F Mullaghslin Gap 100m West of 230 Drumnakilly Road Omagh Application under Section 54 of the Planning Act 2011 to develop land without compliance with condition 2 (time limit for extraction) attached to planning permission reference K/2011/0222/F (extraction of minerals) at Mullaghslin Gap
LA10/2021/1315/F 44 Camcosy Road Omagh Proposed domestic garage and retention of as built bungalow
LA10/2021/1317/O 9 Dervaghroy Road Beragh Replacement dwelling
LA10/2021/1294/RM 48 Tattykeel Road Tattysallagh Clanabogan Omagh Replacement dwelling and detached domestic garage
LA10/2021/1296/RM Approx 100m West of 12 Aghadulla Road Aghadulla Omagh Dwelling
LA10/2021/1300/O 50m S of 103 Tattysallagh Road Drumquin Dwelling and domestic garage
LA10/2021/1306/RM Site 100m North of 25 Blacksessiagh Road Omagh 2 storey dwelling and detached domestic garage
LA10/2021/1308/F Lands approx 365m North East of 30 Aghafad Road Fintona Proposed installation of a wind turbine on a tubular tower of up to 50m with blades up to 77m (to tip height)
LA10/2021/1313/O Approx 130m West of 106 Tummery Road Dromore Site for erection of off site replacement dwelling and garage