Christmas recycling and important bin collection change

Christmas recycling

Published: 19th December 2016

Please note, if your black or green bin is collected on Monday 26 December 2016, please present your black or green bin on Saturday 24 December 2016 for collection instead. Bins will be collected as normal over the New Year holiday.

In the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area we will produce around 10% more waste over the festive period. The Fermanagh and Omagh district needs to increase the amount of waste we recycle and reduce waste to landfill by 895 tonnes this year to avoid landfill fines.

Remember to place in your blue recycling bin:

· Paper including newspaper, magazines, Christmas cards and envelopes, wrapping paper (excluding metallic and glitter paper), old calendars and catalogues
· Cardboard including toy boxes and food boxes (remember to flatten to increase the space available in your bin)
· Plastic bottles and packaging, milk, juice and sauce bottles, yoghurt pots and butter tubs, cream pots, fruit, vegetable and bun trays
· Food and drink tins and cans – biscuit and sweet tins (both plastic and tin), fruit tins, sauce and soup tins, cola and beer cans
· Juice and milk cartons, cream cartons and aerosols
· And while we might spend a little extra time getting ready for Christmas and New Year nights out, just remember the unusual suspects that should be placed in your blue bin including toiletries such as plastic shower gel, shampoo bottles, deodorant and shaving gel aerosols along with card packaging from face creams and moisturiser

At Christmas time most of us stock up with extra food for the festive season, but we do have a tendency to go a bit over the top. Over the Christmas period around 230,000 tonnes of festive food worth around £275 million is thrown away across the UK.

However, with a few simple actions this Christmas, we can reduce the amount we throw away which, as well as reducing how much we send to landfill, will also help reduce our Christmas food shopping bills. Wasting food already costs the average household £60 a month. Just remember, by reducing food waste it means there will be more money to spend on Christmas luxuries.

If you receive a brown bin or separate food waste collection service, all food waste should be placed in the brown bin for collection including turkey carcasses, skins and bones, brussel sprouts, fruit skins, melon skins, vegetable peelings, bread, meat and fish and all leftovers.

Make the most of your Christmas leftovers – not only is leftover turkey great for making sandwiches, salad and pies, but leftover vegetables can be used in soups or curries. There are many recipes available online – visit for lots of recipe ideas for leftovers.

Remember to bring your real Christmas trees, wreaths and other bulky recyclable material to your local Recycling Centre after the holiday. Unwanted unopened Christmas presents can be donated to charity shops. Used batteries can be brought to your local recycling centre or shops which provide a battery recycling facility.

Download the free Bin-Ovation app
To keep up to date with what bin goes out when and for information on the recycling or reuse of over 300 items and services provided at your local recycling centre, download the Council’s Bin-Ovation app.

Residents that download the app between 22 December 2016 and 1 March 2017 will be entered into a free draw to win a Samsung tablet.

To download the free app go to the App store or Google Play, type “Bin-ovation”, select “Fermanagh and Omagh” on your android or smart phone and follow the download instructions. Note for iPad users select iPhone only when searching. To enter the free draw simply use the “enter” button in the “More” section of the app. Remember to leave your email or phone number so we can contact you if you win.


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