The Brexit Committee is Chaired by Councillor Eamon Keenan for the 2022-2023 year.

The Brexit Committee will be responsible for monitoring and reviewing potential impacts for the Council and the district as a result of the UK’s leaving the European Union.

Its specific functions include:

  • Articulating the Fermanagh and Omagh District specific issues which should be considered as part of the negotiation and transition arrangements;
  • Promoting the retention of the “four freedoms” in any post Brexit scenario;
  • Monitoring of progress and announcements post Brexit;
  • Seeking to influence and contribute to Northern Ireland and island of Ireland
    considerations of the implications of Brexit on both the work of the Council and
    on the district;
  • Identifying actions the Council may take to seek to mitigate any adverse
    impacts arising and capitalising on any opportunities as a result of Brexit;
  • Reviewing changes to legislation as a result of Brexit and analysing the likely
    impact which they may have upon the delivery of Council services;
  • Fostering and maintaining positive relations and cultural links with the EU;
  • Promoting social cohesion within the district, post Brexit;
  • Monitoring the impact on migrant workers, skills gaps and issues arising with
    regard to various sectors in the labour market;
  • Considering the financial implications for the Council arising out of Brexit;
  • Identifying the implications for EU grant funding and alternative funding
  • Seeking to influence decisions with regard to continuing access to and
    distribution of EU funds (with a particular focus on LEADER, Peace and Interreg
  • Continuing to collaborate on a cross border basis and to ensure existing
    structures are not adversely affected as a result of Brexit;
  • Hearing evidence from other parties.

Given the dynamic nature of this issue, these Terms of Reference will be kept under ongoing review.