Health & Safety Duties for those involved in Business

Employer’s Duties:

  • Provide and maintain work systems which are safe and healthy
  • Deal with substances in a safe manner
  • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision
  • Maintain safe and healthy workplaces with the necessary facilities
  • Provide a written Health & Safety Policy if 5 or more people are employed
  • Safety Representatives and Safety Committees

Employee’s Duties:

  • Take reasonable care of themselves and others in their work area
  • Co-operate with their employers on matters of Health & Safety
  • Must not interfere with equipment which is provided for Health & Safety purposes

Duties of Self-Employed:

  • Not to put other people at risk by the way they work

Duties of Designers, Manufacturers, Suppliers & Installers:

  • Legal responsibility for design and construction of articles
  • Use of substances
  • Testing & Installation
  • Provision of adequate information e.g. instructions for safe use of machinery