Complaints relating to Health & Safety Businesses

The Council will investigate complaints concerning Health & Safety issues which affect employees, self-employed persons and members of the public.  These complaints may relate to working conditions or working practices.

The Council will investigate complaints relating to premises for which it is the enforcing authority and will refer complaints to HSENI when the complaint relates to premises for which HSENI is the enforcing authority.

Complaints relating to working conditions or dangerous practices will be investigated sensitively.  The Council will always try to keep your details confidential but on some occasions it may be necessary to disclose them but we will always check with you first.  The depth of investigation and method will vary dependent on the circumstances of the complaint.  Many complaints are dealt with during a visit and can be easily and informally resolved.  In other circumstances, investigation is solely by correspondence or telephone and may be combined with written confirmation .  Formal action may be considered if employees are exposed to an unacceptable risk of injury or occupational illness.

If you are concerned about a workplace you should first speak to your employer, a Trade Union representative or your Safety Officer.  If you cannot resolve the matter of prefer not to speak to them directly you can contact the Environmental Health Department at 0300 303 1777 or by email at