Accident and Injury Reporting

Certain types of accidents and injuries must be reported to the District Council for investigation.

Death or Major Injury
If there is an accident connected with work and

  • Your employee, or a self-employed person working on your premises is killed or suffers a major injury e.g. fracture, amputation, etc. (including as a result of physical violence); OR
  • A member of the public is killed or taken to Hospital

you must notify HSENI without delay and follow this up in writing on a completed Accident Report Form NI2508 within 10 days.  The relevant enforcing authority, HSENI or the District Council, will then investigate the accident.

‘Over 3 Day’ Injury
If there is an accident connected with work and your employee or a self-employed person working on your premises suffers an’ over 3 day’ injury you must complete an Accident Report Form NI2508 and forward to HSENI within 10 days.  An ‘over 3 day’ injury is one which is not major but results in the injured person being away from work or unable to do their normal work for more than 3 days including non-working days.

Dangerous Occurrences
These must be reported immediately to HSENI and followed up within 10 days by the completion of an Accident Report Form NI2508.  Examples of a dangerous occurrence includes collapse of lift, lifting equipment or scaffolding, explosion, etc.

Work Related Disease
If a GP notifies you that your employees suffer from a reportable work related disease you must complete a Disease Report Form NI2508A and forward to HSENI.  Examples of a work related disease includes carpal tunnel syndrome, anthrax, brucellosis, legionellosis, etc.  A list of reportable diseases is included in the RIDDOR booklet.

Advice on a range of matters relating to workplace health and safety, etc. is available.

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