Under section 3 of the Local Government Finance Act (Northern Ireland) 2011,”in each financial year a council shall cause to be submitted to it estimates of the income and expenditure of the council during the next financial year…..and shall fix for the next financial year the amount estimated to be raised by means of rates made by the council.”
The Estimates of Income and Expenditure for 2017-18 in a form prescribed by the Department for Communities is available at http://www.fermanaghomagh.com/your-council/general-estimates-of-rates/

Rates are a levy on your property. The income collected by Land and Property Services (LPS) from rates on domestic and business properties provides funding for services at a local level i.e. Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area, and a regional (Northern Ireland wide) level.

The total rates bill levied on ratepayers is made up of the district rate, which is set by the Council and the regional rate which Central Government determines.
The district rate funds Council expenditure on service areas such as leisure and recreation, environmental, planning and development as well as capital programmes. Regional rates help fund services such as water, sewerage, roads, education and housing.

For the financial year 2017/18 the percentages of the total rates paid which go to the Council and Central Government respectively are shown in the table below:

Business Property
Fermanagh & Omagh District Council 38%
Central Government 62%

The business district rate for 2017-18 for the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area is 20.7143 pence in the pound making it the lowest business district rate in Northern Ireland for 2017-18. The District Council (NI) Rates Statistics for 2017/18 is available to download at https://www.communities-ni.gov.uk/publications/district-rates-20172018.

The Executive has set aside up to £30m to phase in the impact of rate convergence over a four year period ending in 2018-19. Discount this year is 40% and Fermanagh ratepayers will avail of this relief which will be applied as a discount to the rates bills in 2017-18.

As the Regional Rate has not yet been agreed by Central Government it is not possible to accurately project the total rate impacts across the Council area.

For further information about rates, please contact Land and Property Services by calling 0300 200 7801 or visit www.nidirect.gov.uk/rates


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