Watch the birdie in your backyard!

14th May 2020

blue tit image

Our gardens in the countryside and towns are full of amazing birds, so wherever you live, there will be birds you can discover and enjoy this May. From our resident robin redbreasts and colourful blue tits, to our summer visitors like swallows and house martins, birds have all kinds of behaviours, feeding habits and nesting preferences, making them a joy to watch. So why not take some time in your garden and learn what local feathered friends visit your backyard.

· To start birdwatching, download the RSPB and Woodland Trust simple ID sheets from the FODC website or discover an array of other bird guides widely available online.

· To attract more birds to your garden, why not put seed or nut feeders out or even better make your own!

· Pick a quiet spot in the garden or a cosy seat by a window and wait.

· Use binoculars to see further or get a good close inspection of the feather colours, or beak shape, helping you to ID each bird

· And don’t forget, share you pictures with us online. We’d love to see what wonderful birds you can spot, like this cheeky blue tit or a wonderful greater spotted woodpecker!

For more information on biodiversity in the Fermanagh and Omagh District and how you can help, email

File Type Size Date
Garden Bird Guide pdf 748 KB 14th May 2020
Garden Birds Who Am 1 pdf 507 KB 14th May 2020
Garden Birds Who Am 2 pdf 624 KB 14th May 2020
Garden Birds Who Am 3 pdf 590 KB 14th May 2020
Woodland Trust bird hunt pdf 890 KB 14th May 2020
wild challenge go birdwatching pdf 2 MB 14th May 2020
RSPB Little School Bird Watch Bird ID Cards pdf 1 MB 14th May 2020