Update on Council and Community response to COVID-19

27th March 2020

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is working to support our colleagues in the Western Health and Social Care Trust and the Department for Communities to develop a coordinated approach to support vulnerable and isolated people within our communities.
A significant community response is mobilising to respond to the needs of vulnerable and isolated people during the COVID19 pandemic and this will be critical to ensure that people with the greatest need in our communities are supported.
We are working to put in place arrangements to identify and co-ordinate the needs of those most vulnerable in our area with the capacity available in the community.  Alongside this we also need to ensure that guidance on the health and safety of individuals is adhered to, so as to protect volunteers and those in need. All community organisations who are aiming to volunteer should refer to guidance provided by Volunteer Now at www.volunteernow.co.uk
Further detail on an operational model to support this delivery will be available in the coming days. Organisations in a position to offer support are encouraged to continue sharing their details by emailing communitysupport@fermanaghomagh.com.