Tree-mendous Volunteers help to plant trees at St Julian’s Park, Omagh

29th November 2021

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On Saturday 27 November 2021, a tree-mendous group of volunteers from various ethnic backgrounds who are resident within the District helped to plant a wide selection of trees to create a Diversity Garden and add to the biodiversity in St. Julian’s Road Park, Omagh.

Assisted by the Council’s Biodiversity and Good Relations Officers, guided by The Conservation Volunteers, this event also marked the start of National Tree Week which takes place from 27 November – 5th December 2021. Each volunteer planted a tree, symbolic with their culture, as a gesture of diversity, both biodiversity and cultural diversity.

Trees are vital in the fight against climate change as they absorb atmospheric carbon and store it in their trunks, leaves and roots, through the process of photosynthesis. A young wood made up of mixed tree species can store more than 400 tonnes of carbon per hectare! Trees also help to clean the air, reduce pollution and support local wildlife.

Speaking in advance of National Tree Week, the Chair, Councillor Errol Thompson, stated that “Following on from COP26 and the launch of the Council’s Climate Change and Sustainable Development Action Plan, it is important that we all play our part in reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing our natural spaces. Therefore, planting trees and protecting existing woodlands is vital to reduce global warming and increase biodiversity, going low carbon and high nature!”

The best time to plant trees is from mid-November to late March, so why not get involved and plant a tree in your own garden, school or local community! Details of tree planting programmes which the public can get involved in are detailed below:

For more information on Tree Planting in your local community, contact the Council’s Biodiversity Officer, on 0300 303 1777, textphone 028 8225 6216 or email