Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP issues warning on counterfeit currency

24th September 2020

Forged notes

Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP issues warning on counterfeit currency

Fermanagh and Omagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) is urging business owners and shoppers to be vigilant following reports of counterfeit Clydesdale notes having been presented in businesses in the district.

Speaking about the issue, Councillor John Mc Claughry Chairman of the Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP said ;

“Counterfeit notes are damaging for local businesses so please continue to report any incidents to the PSNI straightaway. Be vigilant if presented with Clydesdale Bank notes or any large denomination notes and ensure appropriate checks are carried out.

“The circulation of fake currency adversely affects the local economy, it has a negative impact on the genuine local businesses who don’t receive payment for their goods.

“In addition, profits made from manufacturing fake notes may fund further criminal activity.”

The PSNI are advising shoppers and retailers in the district to look out for counterfeit £50 Clydesdale Bank notes after reports of these being passed in Omagh & Fermanagh this week. The counterfeit notes, similar to the one pictured bear the same serial number and police have asked that anyone with information about the fake notes should contact them at Omagh by calling 101.

Superintendent Clive Beatty, Fermanagh and Omagh District Commander said;

“A number of retail outlets have been targeted by criminals who are passing very realistic counterfeit money.  The notes being passed are Clydesdale Bank £50 notes and are of a very high standard.  Police are asking all retail outlets to be extra vigilant when receiving cash for goods, especially high denomination notes for low value goods.”

Providing practical advice on what to do if you uncover counterfeit currency, Superintendent Beattie added:

“If the notes have been passed and the suspect is not present, this should be reported via 101, by attending your local police station or online. If the suspect is present at the location or still nearby, consideration should be given to contacting the police on 999.

“Counterfeit notes should be retained and provided to the police as evidence, ideally inside a plastic wallet or paper envelope to preserve potential fingerprints. CCTV footage of the suspect, if available, should be downloaded and provided to the police together with the counterfeit notes or coins.

“A report can also be made using the online reporting form via ww.psni.police.uk/makeareport. Alternatively, information can be provided to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at www.crimestoppers-uk.org.”

Business who do not have a counterfeit currency detector or pen should contact PSNI on 101 and ask for the crime prevention officer. Businesses can also access the Bank of England website at https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/ban…/counterfeit-banknotes for additional advice.

For more information contact Carol Follis, Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP Manager, by telephone on 0300 303 1777 extension 24214 or via email at carol.follis@fermanghomagh.com.