Councillor Siobhán Currie appointed as Council Chair

23rd May 2019

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday 22 May 2019 with Sinn Féin Councillor Siobhán Currie nominated as Council Chair for the incoming year and Ulster Unionist Party Councillor Diana Armstrong nominated as Council Vice-Chair.

The following Councillors were nominated as Chairperson of the Council’s Standing Committees for 2019/20:

Environmental Services
Councillor Barry McElduff

Regeneration & Community
Councillor Thomas O’Reilly

Policy & Resources
Councillor Anthony Feely

Councillor Mary Garrity

Councillor Catherine Kelly

All 40 Councillors are members of each of these Committees, with the exception of the Planning Committee which has a membership of 13 Councillors.

The members of the Planning Committee were nominated as follows:

Councillor Mary Garrity (Planning Committee Chair) and Councillors Glenn Campbell, John Coyle, Sean Donnelly, Anthony Feely, Robert Irvine, Tommy Maguire, John McCluskey, Thomas O’Reilly, Alan Rainey, Paul Robinson, Christopher Smyth and Errol Thompson.

Council members also agreed the schedule of the allocation of various positions of responsibility over the course of the four-year term (2019-2023) of the Council, based on the D’Hondt methodology. As such, the Council knows which party or Independent will have the option to nominate a Councillor to a position of responsibility in years two to four of the Council term.

The 40 member Fermanagh and Omagh District Council includes 13 new Councillors with representation as follows:

Sinn Féin – 15 members
UUP – 9 members
SDLP – 5 members
DUP – 5 members
Alliance Party – 1 member
Cross Community Labour Alternative – 1 member
Independent – 4 members

The Council term will run for four years, 2019–2023, with Councillors making decisions on behalf of residents to improve the overall social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the Fermanagh and Omagh District.

In 2019-20, the Council will oversee a significant capital programme to include, among others, the Enniskillen Public Realm Scheme, upgrades to pitches, playparks and outdoor spaces; Marble Arch Caves redevelopment; Village Renewal Scheme; Gortin Glens Forest Park redevelopment and improvements to community centres.

The Council will also oversee an estimated gross expenditure of £46m in 2019-20 which will be used to deliver a range of Council services across the district including waste collection and disposal; maintenance of parks and open spaces; environmental health; economic development; the ongoing operation of Council leisure centres, theatres and arts centres, visitor attractions, community facilities, public conveniences and administrative centres; and registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships. The Council will also support a range of events and initiatives throughout the year aimed at improving the wellbeing of those who live, work and visit the Council area.