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Council encourages residents to “Recycle Right” as part of Recycling Week

24th September 2018

PLEASE NOTE: This article is over 1 year old and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

Residents of the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area go above and beyond to protect the environment and can shout loud and proud that ‘We Do’ recycle!

From Blue Planet II, to major developments towards reducing unnecessary plastic, this year people have been motivated to care about the environment like never before. For the 15th annual Recycle Week (24-30 September), the focus is on getting our recycling right.

Why? Because Fermanagh and Omagh does recycle and because it matters.

Getting recycling right

We are recycling more than ever before, but it’s important that we get it right.

The residents of the Fermanagh and Omagh district have already demonstrated their commitment to recycling and that they care about the environment – but there are some simple things that we can all do to make our recycling even better.

Commenting on Recycling Week, the Chairman of Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, Councillor Howard Thornton said: “This year we’ve all taken more notice of our impact on the environment and have increased our recycling efforts. Here in the Fermanagh and Omagh district, more and more of us are recycling and we all want to Recycle Right”. Recent composition analysis of household bins across the Fermanagh and Omagh District Council area revealed that 62% of waste disposed of in the green and black landfill bins is recyclable material! Surprisingly this includes 11.6% paper and cardboard and 5.6% glass. Recyclable material in the green and black bins disposed of in landfill cost you, the ratepayer £1.06 million in landfill tax alone last year!! By reducing the amount of recyclable material going to landfill, the resultant savings could mean that additional funds are invested in other Council services including parks and leisure facilities.

Top tips for recycling in Fermanagh and Omagh:

  • All recyclable material including paper, cardboard, mixed plastics, tins, cans, tetra pak and glass must be placed in your blue recycling bin.
  • Glass must be placed in the blue bin or can be brought to your local bottle bank.
  • Remember your bathroom is full of recyclable material including shampoo, conditioner and soap bottles, cleaning and bleach bottles, toilet
    roll  and toothpaste tubes which must be recycled in your blue bin
  • Remember all items must be “Clean, Dry and Loose”

This material is then transported to the reprocessor were it is recycled into new products.

Food waste must be disposed of in your brown bin or food waste caddy were it is transported to the compost processing facility or used to produce electricity.

The following items are not recyclable and must be placed in your black or green landfill bin: Plastic bags, nappies, polystyrene, plastic film and bubble wrap.

What and how we recycle really matters. Recycling an item rather than throwing it in the general rubbish bin means that it will be dealt with in the most environmentally-friendly way, keeping materials in use and out of the environment.

To find our more or if you’re unsure about how to recycle a specific item, remember to download the Council’s “Binovation app”, check the Recycle Now Recycling Locator at or contact the Council’s Recycling Officer on 0300 303 1777.