Christmas recycling and bin collection arrangements – 2018

18th December 2018

PLEASE NOTE: This article is over 1 year old and may not contain the most up-to-date information.

It’s the season that’s all about giving, so Fermanagh and Omagh District Council is asking everyone to give a little back to help the environment this Christmas by recycling and reusing as much as they can.

Recycling around the home
There are lots of festive items all around the home that can be recycled or reused, from cardboard boxes and empty drinks bottles to wrapping paper and greetings cards – but please remove as much tape as you can and leave out the heavily glittered or foiled types as these can’t be recycled.

There are also the everyday items that can be put in your blue bin, including plastic bottles and packaging, milk, juice and sauce bottles, yoghurt pots and butter tubs, cream pots, fruit, vegetable and bun trays, glass wine bottles and cranberry sauce jars from the kitchen, and toilet roll tubes, plastic shower gels, shampoo bottles, deodorant and shaving gel aerosols from the bathroom. Please ensure that your recyclables are clean, dry and loose in your blue bin.

To help you work out what bin your items should go in, check your recycling leaflet, the Council’s residents’ magazine, in-FO, visit the Council website or download the Bin-ovation app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Leftovers and food waste
Remember to make the most of your Christmas leftovers. Not only is leftover turkey great for making sandwiches, salad and pies, but leftover vegetables can be used in soups or curries. There are many recipes available online – visit for lots of recipe ideas for leftovers.

Place food waste that can’t be eaten into your food caddy for recycling.

All food waste should be placed in your brown bin or food waste caddy and presented at the kerbside for collection including turkey skin and bones, brussel sprouts, fruit skins, melon skins, vegetable peelings, bread, meat and fish and all other leftovers.

Compostable liners for food waste caddies are available free of charge from Gortrush Depot, Omagh; Killyvilly Depot, Enniskillen; recycling centres located across the district; Connect Centre, Omagh and the Townhall, Enniskillen.

Recycle your batteries, Christmas trees, wreaths & other bulky items
Remember to bring your real Christmas trees, wreaths and other bulky recyclable material to your local Recycling Centre after the festive period.

Batteries can be brought to recycling centres or shops which provide a battery recycling facility.

Donate to charity
Unwanted Christmas presents can be donated to charity shops.

Bin collections over Christmas and New Year
If your bin is due for collection on Tuesday 25 December 2018, please present your bin on Saturday 22 December 2018 for collection.

If your bin is due for collection on Wednesday 26 December 2018, please present your bin on Saturday 29 December 2018 for collection.

All other bin collections will be as normal over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

For further information on reducing, reusing and recycling please visit the Council website, download the Bin-ovation app on your mobile phone or tablet, or telephone the Council’s Recycling Officer on 0300 303 1777, text phone 028 8225 6216.