Formal motions approved by council

Formal Motions Moved by Notice

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council’s (The Council) Standing Order 16 outlines how the Council deals with formal Motions moved by Notice and Motions that are moved without notice.

Notice of Motions Moved by Notice must be received in writing by the Chief Executive, signed by the Member or Members of the Council giving the notice, not later than at least 7 clear days before the next Meeting of the Council.

All Motions received are dated and numbered as received and entered in a Register to be kept for that purpose. The Notice of Motion(s) is entered by the Chief Executive in the appropriate place within the Meeting agenda in the order in which the Motion(s) were received.

With effect from May 2017, those Motions Moved by Notice will be published on this section of the Council’s website.

Council Meeting – 2nd May 2017

Motion: Reinstatement of the Area of Natural Constraint Scheme
To consider the following motion of which due notice has been given:

That this Council:

  1. Notes that farming in the Fermanagh and Omagh Council area is the most important industry and source of income in rural areas;
  2. Notes the very serious concern in the farming community at the cutting of the Area of Natural Constraint scheme;
  3. Writes to all the Party Political leaders, Farming Unions (UFU, NIAPA) NILGA and the Secretary of State James Brokenshire, requesting their support and commitment to reinstate the ANC scheme to at least 2016 levels;
  4. Invites the 10 other Councils to support this motion by also writing to all the Party leaders and the Farming Unions, as well as the Secretary of State James Brokenshire, requesting the reinstatement of the ANC scheme.

PROPOSED BY: Councillors G Campbell, S Clarke, D Coyle, F Donnelly, S Donnelly, A Feely, J Feely, AM Fitzgerald, Greene, Maguire, McCaffrey, McColgan, McNally and O’Reilly.