Registering a Birth

If you or your partner have recently had a baby, you will need to register the birth so you can claim benefits and/or register your child with a doctor. We are also required by law to keep track of the number of babies born in Northern Ireland to help calculate fertility rates and population estimates.

When and where should I register?

By law, your baby’s birth must be registered within 42 days of the date of birth.

This is free and can be done in any District Registration Office within Northern Ireland.

What information will I need?

You will need to fill in a birth registration form. This is usually completed by the person registering the birth.

You will also need to provide us with:

  • full name, surname and sex of the baby
  • date and place of birth
  • full names, addresses, dates of birth and occupations of the baby’s mother and father.

Please note that a registration cannot easily be changed once completed. Registration forms can be downloaded here:

Who can register?

  • the mother or father of the baby, if you are a married couple.
    In the case of a child born to an unmarried couple, the details of the father may only be recorded if both parents attend and sign the registration form together or a declaration of paternity is produced. More information about this is available from the NI Direct website
  • grandfather or grandmother
  • uncle or aunt
  • occupier of the premises where the baby was born
  • any person present at the child’s birth
  • any person who has charge of the child.

What will I receive?

Once the birth is registered, you will receive one free short birth certificate and a HS123 infant registration form to help you register with your family doctor and obtain your child’s medical card. Additional certificates, either short or full, may be purchased at the time of registration for £8 per copy.

More information

The Registrar’s Office can also provides help and advice about the following issues:

  • re-registering a birth, for example, if you want to add the father’s name after the initial registration
  • recording name changes
  • ordering historical birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates.

Detailed information about all these topics is available from the NI Direct website.


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