Fermanagh & Omagh PCSP issues anti-burglary advice

Published: 16th February 2016

Following a number of recent burglaries across the district, Fermanagh and Omagh Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) has issued advice to reduce the risk of residents having their property stolen and to become more aware.

Chairperson of Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP, Councillor Sorcha McAnespy, said:

“Unfortunately there have been a number of thefts from unattended vehicles and break-ins to homes across the district over the last number of months.

This makes it all the more important for all of us to take a number of simple steps to reduce the risk of ourselves or our families becoming victims of crime.

We encourage everyone to be more aware of opportunistic criminals and follow the crime prevention advice on offer.”

To reduce the risk of thefts from vehicles Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP advises residents to:

  • Keep coins to pay for parking and so on in a closed ashtray or out-of-sight.
  • Remove anything of value when leaving a vehicle unattended, for example, handbags, jackets, wallets, laptops, phones, tools and so on.
  • Remove all portable devices such as DVD players and sat-navs when leaving a vehicle unattended or locking it in the boot together with the cradle or other fixing device. Any suction cup marks on the windscreen should be wiped away as their presence will indicate to the thief that there may be a device, such as a sat-nav, hidden in the glove compartment.
  • Keep the inside of the vehicle tidy as an untidy vehicle containing opened mail, plastic bags and so on may attract the curiosity of a thief.
  • Leave the glove compartment open to view if there is nothing in it.
  • Remove the facia of sound systems / radios if possible.

To reduce the risk of home burglaries Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP advises homeowners to:

  • Have a night time routine. Make sure all doors are locked and windows closed before leaving home or retiring for the night – don’t make it easy for any potential burglar to enter your home.
  • Never leave car keys and handbags close to doors or windows, especially at night as they are an open invitation to anyone walking by.
  • Be a good neighbour – be vigilant and report anything suspicious to local police.
  • Keep any garages, sheds or outbuildings secure.

Site owners and business owners should also ensure that their properties are properly secured each night and that items that may be attractive to thieves are stored out of sight in an appropriate manner.

For further information and crime prevention tips and advice contact Fermanagh and Omagh PCSP by telephoning 0300 303 1777.

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