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Fri 31 to Sun 2 Aug  Warten Auf Godot/Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

The Ardhowen, Enniskillen  8.30 pm (Fri and Sat)  Sun 5 pm  £24/£20  Duration 120 minutes

UK & Ireland Premiere  First visit to Ireland of the Berliner Ensemble.

60th Anniversary Celebration – arguably the most controversial interpretation of the twentieth century’s

greatest play since its English Premiere August 3 1955.

Vladimir and Estragon, two men with no history, meet every day in the middle of nowhere, waiting for

Godot.  They don’t know who Godot is, what he wants from them or what they should expect from him or

indeed if he is going to show up at all.  They don’t know who Pozo and Lucky are – one a master, the other a

servant – and why they keep meeting them over and over again.  ‘In this tremendous confusion only one thing

is certain; we are waiting for Godot to arrive’ says Vladimir to Estragon.berliner ensemblehttp://www.ardhowentheatre.com


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