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“If your’re going to tell a lie, tell a whooper,” yells Dr Mortimore as events begin to spin deliriously out of control in Ray Cooney’s ‘IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY’.

In this farce, Jane and Dr David Mortimer had a fling when she was a nurse in the hospital.  The result was her departure and her son Leslie, who is now looking for his father.  David, married and about to make a major speech which can gain him promotion, can ill afford this distraction, especially as his wife as well as his boss are on the premises.  The play consists of David’s efforts to stave off Leslie, Jane, a Police Sergeant and Matron; he is aided by Doctors Mike and Hubert, and Bill Lesley.  Practically everybody’s identity gets mistaken, and at one point all three doctors disguise themselves as Matron.

However, all ends happily – Leslie finds a father, Jane a husband, and David and Rosemary come to an understanding.

Tickets: £10

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