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Sat 2  National Meadows Celebrations at Marble Arch Caves

Saturday July 2nd is National Meadows Day and it provides a perfect opportunity to explore one of Fermanagh’s finest meadows. Wildflowers will be in full bloom, butterflies on the wing and birds will be rearing their young. ‘Save our Magnificent Meadows’ and Ulster Wildlife believe that time spent walking these grass paths will inspire people to enjoy, learn about and value these remaining special places.
Join in the meadow magic with wildlife experts at the Wildflower Knoll, in the heart of the Geopark. Directly behind the Marble Arch Caves buildings on the Marlbank, this glorious meadow is being managed and restored with both the wildlife and human community in mind. From 10am to 1pm, families can enjoy searching for and identifying minibeasts and butterflies amongst a blaze of increasingly scarce wildflowers. Moth traps will be set to uncover the meadow’s mysterious night life, along with pitfall and slam traps demonstrating the full riches of these limestone meadows and their surroundings. This event is free of charge.



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