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Handbag Positive – Medical slang for a confused elderly lady lying in hospital bed clutching handbag.  Attracta and Nora were the best of friends when they were teenagers.  They shared everything from their Bay City Roller trousers to boyfriends.  In the dark days of the late 1970s they sang shangalang and they ran with the gang.  Bomb scares at their school weren’t scary at all, they got a day off and that was ok with them.  They drift apart as people do until fate reunites them in their middle age.  In a local A&E they find themselves back in their teenage years, exchanging stories as well as insults, and wonder why they ever liked each other and, in particular, how they ever got a lumber wearing Bay City Roller trousers.  Handbag Positive is a new and hilariously funny play by Donna O’Connor co-writer of A Night with George.  Starring Alexandra Ford (Give My Head Peace) and Christina Nelson (Mistletoe and Crime).  Directed by Alan McKee (History of the Troubles (accordin to my Da)) and produced by Joe Rea (50 Shades of Red White and Blue).

Tickets: £12/£10 Con.

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