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Sat 5 to 30 October   Exhibition by Richard Pierce, Waterways Ireland  Free Open Monday to Friday; also open Sat 12th September 12 Noon to 5 pm as part of European Heritage Open Days.

As a teenager in the 1950s, retired architect, Richard Pierce, fell in love with painting and paintings. Throughout his adult life he has dabbled in oils and watercolours and has been a keen visitor to museums and galleries all over the world. Since 2009, retirement has given him the opportunity to take painting and viewing more seriously. He has always taken photographs, mostly of family and friends but nowadays his camera records objects and scenes endorsed by his painterly eye and his knowledge of other painters’ work.

Two years ago Richard gave the opening address of the Fermanagh Live Festival, illustrating how his involvement with paintings, both his own and other people’s, informs his photography. While the event entitled ‘Upon Reflection’ gave him the opportunity to reflect on his life and those painters who have inspired him, the photographs he showed were, literally, of reflections, mostly in water but also in shop windows, sunglasses, teaspoons, even aluminium foil   The capacity audience at the Ardhowen Theatre was so enthusiastic that Richard was invited to repeat his presentation for the benefit of 200 enthralled teenage students at Enniskillen’s South West College. The photographs in this exhibition develop the ideas expressed in that original talk.  www.Flive.org.uk Upon-Further-Reflection

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