About the Event

Dinosaur Detectives

Follow the Dinosaur Detectives as they search for clues about the past.  Remember once upon a time people thought the earth was flat and was only 10,000 years old!  Once upon a time enormous creatures walked the earth, creatures that became known in Victorian times as Dinosaurs.  The Dinosaur Detectives follow a fascinating journey of discovery, fun and conflict surrounding the first fossil finds of Mary Anning, William Buckland and Gideon Mantell.  A show with puppetry combined with projection and shadow theatre create their fascinating world!  Boys and girls (and adults) who are into Dinosaurs love this show.  At the end of the show have a chance to explore the Fossil Table!

Recommended Age: 5 to 95 years.  Approximately 1 hour.

Tickets: £4; Family of 4 £12; Family of 5 £15

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