About the Event

Tim McGarry

Tim McGarry (Blame Game, Give My Head Peace, Hearts and Minds, A Perforated Ulster) is back.  Following the success of Tim McGarry’s Irish History Lesson, Tim returns with a brand new stand-up show about our history.  This time instead of taking on all of Irish history Tim will concentrate on the bits that we think matter the most.  And because of the year that’s in, it can only  be the 1916 Easter Rising and Battle of the Somme.  In 2016 we have been inundated with worthy and serious dramas and documentaries about the meaning of 1916.  There has been much chin stroking and nodding of heads sagely.  Tim McGarry doesn’t want that.  He wants to give you jokes.  What are the funny myths and facts about 1916?  Why do we take our history so seriously?  And how can we stop taking it seriously?  Expect myths to be exploded and sacred cows to be slaughtered but above all expect laughs.

Please note that this show contains strong language and strong opinions and anyone under 16 should be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets: Full £18; Con. £16

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