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Mulligan Bros

The Mulligan Brothers is an American Folk-Rock band from Mobile, Alabama.  In golfers’ terms, a “mulligan” is a second chance, and the band represents a second chance for each member of The Mulligan Brothers.  Veterans of other bands, this is where they found the music they always wanted to play.  The songwriting and warm, honest, straight-to-the-heart voice of lead singer of Ross Newell draws listeners into the group’s signature sound, where the harmonies of Greg DeLuca, Ben Leininger and Melody Duncan make the songs soar or haunt from the shadows.  De Luca plays drums and Leininger is on the bass.

Fiddler Melody Duncan recently joined the band, bringing a female voice and perspective.  The group’s latest single, “Divine Design”, is about being taken advantage of by the person you love.  “The offender doesn’t see it as hurting someone else, but as helping himself or herself,” says Newell.  “It is a terrible feeling and I want the song to create an awareness of what it is like to be treated that way, whether it is intentional or not.  I want the listener to think if this is a song about them or the people around them.  If this is divine design, then divine design is behind the times.”

Tickets: £10

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